Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Create Joy In Your Relationship With Romance

Think you're not a romantic? Well, think again. If you've taken pleasure from your partner's reaction after doing something that pleased her, you're a romantic. If you've ever found yourself enjoying a love song on the radio, then you're a romantic.

So if most guys can answer yes to the above questions, why do women think men are clueless about romanticism? The truth is that although they may have romantic feelings, they either don't know how or feel awkward about expressing them. You have to remember that your partner isn't asking you to be open about these feelings to everyone, just to her.

Being romantic involves doing things that will give her a little happiness. Your romantic act should have some surprise or spontaneity in it. But this isn't always true.

The two of you can also plan a romantic get away together. Some tips on how to express your hidden romantic side:

1.) Try to break up the routine that the both of you are locked into now. The start of a relationship is normally associated with romance because everything the two of you are doing is new. Your involvement with her at the beginning was a drastic change in your day to day life. It was new and exciting or in other words, it was romantic.

This feeling of newness and excitement can be reawakened by sharing new experiences together again. Don't take her out to the same old places. Go through your local newspaper for events and things that's completely new to you and try them. Make a point of always trying out a new thing or activity.

2.) Try to express love in lots and lots of little ways. For example, try coming up from behind and suddenly embracing and kissing her. Or leaving little love notes in places where they'll be discovered. Place a few notes in a book that she's reading or in a favorite magazine of hers.

Will she be traveling without you (on a business trip or seeing her parents)? Try hiding a gift wrapped box of chocolates with a note in the bottom of her suitcase for her to find on her trip.

3.) Completely surprise her with something truly exceptional. Present her with a romance novel that stars you and her as the main characters. The hard way to do this is to write the whole thing yourself.

The easy way is to download a romance novel that has an expired copyright (is in the public domain). You can do an automated search and replace operation with a text editor that replaces out the two main characters (lovers) with your own names. Print out your romance novel and get it bound in a hard cover.

To find a romance novel in the public domain, search for "romance novels" +"public domain" at Google. The downloads are free.

To get the book bound, search for “bind a book” at Google. You will find plenty of tutorials for doing it yourself and services that will do it for you.

So there you have a few of countless ways of giving your partner the gift of romance. What I've suggested here is the tip of the iceberg. Just work at it and it will only get easier.

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