Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dating Online Shoundn'T Cost A Thing

The future of the online dating industry has gone virtual. This gives singles a more realistic feel to their internet dating experience. But, with the economy the way it is, how could anyone afford monthly membership fees at a site like that? An online dating site using virtual reality, 3D annimation, and has avatars that are controlled by the users. Sounds totally unaffordable.

The price paid at the higher profiled dating sites using match making systems, profiles, and emails reaches up to $50 a month. These sites are getting $50 a month, and the reality of it is, its not really dating. Its people waiting for emails and writing emails. Thats not dating; thats pen pals.

So with that said, what kind of price could a site offering the look and feel of real dating charge users, while sitting in the safety of there home? If compared to the "conventional" dating sites on a ratio scale. The price could reach up to the hundreds of dollars a month. Think about that for a moment....
If you compare the two sites, although offering the same services, they don't even compare to one another. One using virtual reality, and the other using emails and profiles. The look and feel of a real date, or checking your email for a message. Which would you pay for?

Let me make it easy for you at singels can have there cake and eat it to. This new dating site has real avatars, and realistic atmospheres for singles to meet, hang out, and date before ever physically meeting. Virtulove is taking online dating to a new level making it fun, easy, and it gives the users a better feel for the person they are dating, unlike emails and profiles.

Now the real question is how much are people going to pay out of there pocket, for a real online dating experience? You would think it would be a lot for what is offered, but the truth is, its not. Logon to and start your free membership today. The only thing you have to lose is the love of your life.

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