Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ex Wants You Back

After any break up or divorce, there may be a doubt in your mind whether your ex wants you back. Break up normally creates a lot of mental stress and makes you feel lonely. If you had a good relationship filled with love and care, it hurts more. None of us can just forget the happy moments of our life in a while and carry on. That too, when your ex partner had been a part of memories that would stay on for years. It is really tough. Both men and women have this doubt whether their ex is still in love with them. Does he\she wants to continue the relationship? Here is a quick brief for some general signs that would clear you of this doubt.

Any relationship which is defined by love, care and affection will not break up that easily. Though due to some unwanted situation, if there is a break up, there will be the hint of that love and care in your ex’s heart. There are many signs that reflect this and help you to be together again and start a happy life again. These signs include your ex calling you more than what he\she should. Generally, after any break up or fight, partners decide not to talk to each other. They take their own separate path and move along. They hate to even hear the name of the other and have such a hatred for one another. But in such a situation if you find that your spouse is frequently making calls and shows clear intention of speaking to you, then it shows that your ex wants you back again.

Your ex tries to create an impression to attract you and turn your attention on him\her. This is a clear indication that your ex wants you back. This may noticed when they try out something to show their best. They may quit their bad habits, start to change the way they look. Another important sign is the change in the body language of your ex in your presence. Your ex tends be extremely positive whenever he\she meets you. They strive hard to express that they need you badly in their life and without you their life has no meaning. If your ex seem to do all these then he\she wants to say indirectly that you are needed and they wish to come back and life a happy life with you. It is only in your hands to say a yes or no if your ex wants you back. Take a wise decision and lead a happy life.

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