Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Online Dating: A Perfect Solution to Melancholy

The concept of online dating has changed the functionality of dating landscape. Earlier, when the Internet was not introduced to the dating arena, blind date was in fashion. I remember some of the blind dates organized by my friends for me and the difficulties associated with it. Asking questions and then answering to the questions- nothing can be more embarrassing than that. But, these days, everything is so simple and easy with online dating.

Last year, while turning the pages of the newspaper, my eyes caught a catchy headline that read: “Online Dating Caters to the Global Audience”. Before going through the articles I had no idea about dating online through online dating websites. I was surprised to read the news in detail how millions of people across the world are using different online dating sites to socialize, and find their love and soul mates. I feel this is a great job done by the webmasters to help people find their partners in a techno-friendly manner.

Even after reading the news and getting data of the people who have added spices to their lives by using online dating, I was skeptical about some of the aspects of online dating. For instance, the subscribers to the websites have to provide personal details and it may cause trouble for them. So, one day, out of curiosity, I logged on to an online dating site to find the facts about it. Before starting any other activity, I preferred to go through the terms and conditions, the guidelines and the tips provided by the webmaster for the users. I was impressed to find the confidential measures taken by the website for the security of the subscribers. I created an account and tried to find some friends online on that particular site. It was really a great experience for me. I found many good friends and started chatting with them regularly on the website.

My experience on the online dating website helped me guide my granddaughter, Minel, to find the best possible way to get rid of her melancholy. Before six months, she joined the school in our city and stayed with us as her parents are in another city. She didn’t had any friend at that time and hence, she as leading a lonely life. I suggested her to join an online dating site so that she would get some good friends. And it was not a surprise, it actually worked! Within few days after joining some of the top online dating sites, her life took a new turn.

These days, Minel is happy in her life. She has many friends- online and offline. After her studies she spends lot of time in front of the monitor. I think she enjoys the conversation, voice chat and video chat on those online dating websites. I’ve advised her to follow the instructions on the websites strictly to avoid any hassle in future. These days she is busy in dating a boy who she met on online dating sites. I’m happy that she is enjoying life. Thanks to online dating.

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