Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Selecting an Engagement Ring that She would love!

The ancient Romans had a ring known as a betrothal or truth ring that they wore after they were married. They were also the first to wear their wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand, which is the most common place for people to wear their engagement rings. Although the people of some countries do wear their rings on the right hand, the left is definitely more common. Many speculate that the tradition of wearing a ring to indicate engagement or marriage began because the vein in the fourth finger of the left hand was thought to run straight to the heart.

For the most part, in America and Canada, it is common for the man to give the woman a engagement ring while he wears no ring until marriage. However, in Brazil, Egypt and many other countries, both females and males wear engagement rings although they are usually simply matching bands of gold or silver and do not contain diamonds. Historically, in most countries, the future groom will select the ring in private and then present It to the woman as a surprise. However, recently it has been common for many couples to shop for diamond engagement rings together.

Selecting the Engagement Ring The diamond engagement ring is a reflection of both your personal and cultural preferences. Selecting an engagement ring often intimidates guys. This shouldn't be the case. Remember you know her well enough to know that you want to marry her right? All you need to do is tap into those nuances and ask yourself what would she really like. However I have listed a few tips for you.

Joint Decisions? Before you select a diamond engagement ring, make sure that you feel your partner would be pleased by your move. Ask your self these questions: Would she be more comfortable choosing the ring herself? Or do you think she would adore the surprise?

Preliminary Steps If you feel your partner would enjoy the surprise of seeing a shiny diamond engagement ring in a box, you can try to find out her preferences beforehand. The first thing you need to do is to listen! More often than not she will let you know what she wants without you having to ask!

What more you can do to check her preferences about the kind of jewelry? Take a peek in her jewelry box, and see what kind of jewelry she likes. Check out the jewelry that she wears now or the pieces she has bought for herself lately. Colorful? Delicate? Classic? Chunky rings and necklaces? This will give you a good idea as to the style of ring that she leans towards.

Thinking Fingers It's important to find out your partner's ring size before you make your purchase. Another aspect to consider when you choose your diamond engagement ring is the shape of the finger it is destined to adorn. A fine or delicate ring could be more easily lost on a long slim finger, while a shorter hand might wear it well. Conversely, if you are attracted by large and bold chunky stone settings, these could look awkward on a shorter finger. The width of the band affects the appearance of the hand (and it rhymes!). A thick band works well longer fingers, while a thin band can help a short finger to look slightly longer.

The shape of the stone itself is also significant. Although the most popular shape for a diamond engagement ring is round, keep in mind that short fingers can be made to appear longer by an oval diamond engagement ring.

When In Doubt… If you still feel completely bewildered, you can also always enlist the aid of a female relative or friend before making your purchase, or even buy loose diamonds for your proposal and later choose the setting with your partner.

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