Sunday, May 10, 2009

Still in love with your ex girlfriend?

Did your ex girlfriend dump you? Or did you dump her and regret it?

No mather which of these questions suits your situation, the situation is frustrating. The feeling of being powerless, and not knowing what excactly to do about it is the worst part.

You should know this; With the knowledge of what to do, it’s possible to get her back no mather how hopeless the situation may seem. Couples do make up every day, so cheer up man, there is hope!

Do you really love her?

If you’re thinking that she’s ok, but she doesn’t mean the world to you, then skip it. It’s not worth it. But if you do, carry on reading.

First pointer for you; Act normal and be yourself. If you suddenly start acting like someone else around her, she will notice. Have in mind that you were the person she fell in love with in the first place, so don’t screw it up by trying to act differently.

Now that being said, you may have developed a behaviour during your relationship that is destructing to it. Many guys appear as the bad ass rocker at first, but after a while in the relationship turn in to mr.wuss himself. Give this some thought: How did you behave around her in the beginning, and how did you behave right before the relationship ended?

If you didn’t go out before, do it. That doesn’t mean go clubbing twice a week, but to be social, go out with friends and have a good time. This will let you get your mind off your break up and you’ll seem busy to your ex girlfriend. What is important about this? You will send her the message that you are not sitting home with your tissue and crying over your loss.

A big P.S; Don’t go out with “the guys” to a bar, get drunk and make the mistake of going home with a random woman. That is an easy mistake to do because of the situation and will most probably be caused by some helping advice from your friends. The guilt from this is not what you need right now.

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