Monday, March 9, 2009

Teenage Relationship Advice – Relationship Advice on How to Seek Love

If you are one of those teenagers who have difficulty in seeking love, then this teenage relationship advice on how to seek love would be a good start. The keywords are exposure and proximity.

Before you seek love, creating an opportunity to meet and get acquainted is almost a prerequisite for the development of a relationship. Try to arrange your life such that you will have regular opportunity to meet people from your college or neighborhood or workplace or recreational activities or church activities. Get help from your friends to set up such opportunity if it helps. This is the first step towards teenage relationship advice on how to seek love.

Next will be the requirement that you must be able to create repeated exposure with this person that you have an interest in for any relationship spark to turn into a potential romantic relationship. It is important that the repeated exposure should only be towards the type of person that you want to engage in a relationship whether a friendly or romantic relationship. For the relationship to grow, creating proximity to the person that you are interested in is important. Proximity to that person will create an environment of familiarity. Example, get involved in any specific activity that the person you are interested in is involved with. As that person that you are interested in becomes familiar with you because of your close proximity and with your repeated exposure, that person will tend to react more positively to you when a conversation is strike. It is in our instinct to have the feeling of insecurity when we faced something or someone that we are not familiar with and it is in our instinct to avoid such unfamiliar object or person because of the perceived danger involved with the unfamiliar object or person. Example, when a stranger approach and introduce himself and want to be acquainted with you, it is natural for us to avoid such a contact.

When that person you are interested in is familiar with you because of the repeated exposure and proximity, the opportunity for communication will be greater. When there is communication, getting to know each other will be greater. When there is common interest, relationship will start to take hold. Build upon this relationship and move to a higher level of relationship.

If you need more information or help, check out the guide on teenage relationship advice and watch videos with great tips on relationship advice.

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