Monday, March 9, 2009

There is a Secret to Making Your Ex Return Your Calls, Texts, or Im's

Did you know that you could use magic words to get your ex to return those answered calls, texts, and/or IM's? This may seem unbelievable to some but actually there are secret words that work to your advantage and make your ex compelled to want to return your calls, texts, and IM's.

Now keep in mind that you want to have a plan or strategy in order for this to work, because without one you are sure to damage the relationship more than if they never ever returned those answered calls, texts, or im's.

First you need to know what not to say:

1. You do not want to sound like your are begging - so you would never want to say please, please call me back. I NEED to talk to you.

2. You don't want to use the emergency excuse example - I have an emergency. Please call me ASAP.

Want you actually want to use are the two most powerful forces of the human mind: curiosity and self interest. Now here is the SECRET these two combined are the "magic" in getting your ex to return those calls. How you would put these two forces together is along the lines of letting your ex know that you appreciate some thing that he or she did for you and use a friendly tone when leaving your message.

Be sure that you have laid out your strategy before you make this call as it can hurt your relationship even further then before if not handled correctly. The goal here is to have your ex return your phone calls, text's or even IM's not to damage the relationship any further.

Remember the first step in getting your ex to return your calls, texts, or IM's is to have a plan and then execute it.

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