Friday, March 6, 2009

What Factors Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is basically the inabilities of a man to maintain a firm long enough erection when having sex. This problem is common at old age but can as well happen at any age. The disorder is caused by a number of factors; here are some of the risk factors which cause the dysfunction:

Getting Older

It is noted that 80 percent of men start noticing changes in sexual functioning as they get older especially at the age of 75 and older experience erectile dysfunction. Erections may not be as rigid or take long to develop or at times take a direct touch to the male reproductive organ to occur. Erectile dysfunction is not just an inevitable consequence of normal old age, but it often occurs in old men because the risk of having underlying health conditions is high or basically they take medications that interfere with erectile function.

Chronic Health Conditions

Diseases affecting kidney, lungs, liver, heart nerves, arteries or veins at most times lead to erectile dysfunction. Endocrine system disorders particularly diabetes cause the dysfunction as well. The accumulation of deposits in your arteries can prevent enough blood from entering your reproductive organ thus causing the dysfunction. In some men, the dysfunction is caused by low levels of testosterone hormone.

Taking Certain Medications

Some drugs including antihistamines and medications used to treat blood pressure, prostrate cancer and pain highly cause erectile dysfunction by interfering with nerve impulse or blood flow to the male reproductive system. Sleeping pills and tranquilizers can pose the same problem as well.

Surgeries or Injuries

If you get an accident or injuries and in the long run, you go for a surgery, and as a result the whole process damages on the various nerves that cause erectile dysfunction, you will experience such problems. Surgeries especially on the bladder, rectal or prostrate cancer can increase the chances of erectile dysfunction.

Stress, Anxiety or Depression

Psychological conditions contribute to cases of erectile dysfunction. Thinking so hard or constant family fights which can cause stress and depression can cause the dysfunction in some people. Anxiety for example during the day will in most cases cause erectile dysfunction when you are having sex with your spouse at night. The day's activities matter a lot.


Smoking restricts flow of blood to arteries and veins therefore causing erectile dysfunction, that's the sole reason as to why men who smoke in most cases experience the dysfunction.

Substance abuse.

Drinking or consuming a lot of alcohol or the chronic use of marijuana and other drugs causes erectile dysfunction. It also reduces sexual drive in men; excessive use of drugs will reduce the drive to have sex.


Men who are obese experience erectile dysfunction, because the body functions are not normal and at most times, there is minimal flow of blood to the male reproductive organ. Men at normal weight have less risks of getting the dysfunction.

Prolonged Bicycling

Cycling for an extended period of time can cause erectile dysfunction, pressure from the seat compress the nerves and blood flow to the penis leading to a temporary dysfunction and penile numbness.

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