Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why High Sperm Count Is Important For Healthy Reproduction

The reproduction is important in any living being or, more generally, human sperm, and play an important role in enhancing the reproduction.

If the concept is about numbers, so they are sperm, a high sperm count is just one of the reasons for fertility, sperm will be almost impossible without a woman to conceive. In fact, low sperm count is one cause of infertility of sperm, a condition called oligospermia, though it takes a sperm to fertilize an egg, the chances of sperm reaching the egg is only rarely completely. Therefore, the lower their sperm, the lower the probability of paternity of a child, treatments available, but are, however, it is important to note that high sperm to increase their productivity.

Healthy men have a maximum of 100 million sperm. However, if your sperm count is low and their reproductive capacity is poor, it is advisable to seek treatment with his wife, as it could in turn that both parties could be having a problem.

A high sperm count decreases the chances of any disruption when a woman conceives. Fertilization only occurs when a mature egg meets a mature ovum, and that is when the process of fertilization begins, it is therefore important to have a high sperm count, and probably aid in the process of fertilization because the chances of sperm reaching the egg is almost 100 percent.

High sperm, thus increasing the chances of fertilization after a woman has conceived, it also brings a healthy reproduction, including a safe delivery of the baby.

High sperm count will also help in the evaluation of DNA testing shows perfect functioning of the reproductive organs and thus help to produce excellent results in DNA testing.

High male sperm also favors the concept, in which a woman to conceive a child. This is important for people who aim to get a baby. This will be of great help in comparison with a low sperm count.

High sperm count but not the sole reason for breeding a healthy, there could be some other reasons that are health problems that sometimes can impede fertility. However, as sperm is a vital dimension in sound reproduction, other physiological factors, mainly referred to as the parameters of sperm that are equally important.

Of great importance is the time of intercourse and sperm. Doctors recommend that couples trying to conceive (treating? Designing couples) to have sex regularly, even when fertility is not the time or period of months. In this way, the sperm is promoted due to regular time intervals.

It is therefore important to attempt to increase his sperm count, although not a guarantee to a healthy reproductive life, a high sperm count is important for reproduction of sound, if you realize that your sperm is low, then it is important to seek medical attention in order to maintain their reproductive health.

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