Saturday, March 7, 2009

Are Dating Sites Worth It?


Q. I broke up with my gf of 4 years a couple weeks ago - things just didn’t work out…I kinda did a lot of what you mentioned, researched some sites and landed on Match…I’ve never ‘paid’ for an online dating site, I admit I’m a little reluctant. But it appears to be the only way to really start communicating with this girl. I understand you know more about this stuff, so the big question is: should I check it out? Have you found dating sites to be really worth it?

A. YES, GO FOR IT! As applied to most situations…YOU WON’T KNOW IF IT’S WORTH IT UNTIL YOU TRY IT. and trust me, the experience is always worth it in itself!

Your girl is talking from the success of my close couple friends who met online and my own personal experience (used dating sites for years!) =
Met wonderful people and some ‘not as wonderful’
Some developed into relationships, whether short-lived or long term
Some remained as great friends today
A few crazy date stories…(Like that one time…aha! if you’re good, I might share)
but MANY great memories.

So dating sites are a great way of meeting people, hence, I’m a big advocate. Now of course, meeting people from online is similar to meeting people in real life. It’s a process of initiating, getting to know people, some will be matches..some aren’t. Filtering: since it’s online, it’s easier for you to filter and narrow down to people you’re compatible with. So don’t worry about the ‘how do I know this person is not a robot behind a screen?’ or ‘What if I’m not attracted to them in real life?’


Due to mucho requests, I’m doing a review on different dating sites this weekend!

On a personal awareness level:

Usually when you’re reluctant about anything, you need to ask yourself and understand ‘What’s limiting me?"

If it’s money…it’s worth the moolala to invest in experiences! You get to practice, trials and errors, meeting new people but ultimately…a potential significant other.

If it’s fear of rejection…take the ‘It’s OK’ approach when dealing with EGO so you kick that badboy to the curb. No need for ego. Not everyone is going to be your match and that’s ok. I’m sure you’ve been in the other shoes and turned people down before. Vanae’s tip of the dae: Many fishes in the sea, so don’t let 1 or 2 stop you from exploring what the beautiful ocean has to offer.

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