Monday, March 9, 2009

Are Disabled Dating Sites Credible? Can I Really Find Disabled Singles and Disabled Love Online?

Regardless of your culture, ethnic background, or ability, finding your true soulmate is never going to be an easy task. However if you suffer from a disability then the task is going to be even harder.

I am a disabled single and I wonder if looking for love online with disabled online dating is going to complicate my life further? Is it really possible for me to find a disabled individual online using a disabled dating site? Or is internet dating for disabled singles a disaster waiting to happen?

As a disabled individual i decided to explore the wonders of disability dating websites for myself, in an attempt to assess their credibilty, and seek out the best of the bunch. My first stop was a disabled dating site called Disabled Love at Disabled Love is a very attractive looking disabled dating website offering the chance to find disabled friends or disabled love with other disabled people with disabilities like myself and boasting a massive 20,000 members from around the UK.

Registering was very simple; I gave my contact details and uploaded a rather handsome picture of myself on a disabled holiday i went on last year. Within minutes I recieved a message from a disabled girl called Jessica, quite a shy but funky looking pink haired girl from London, yes 'Pink Hair', who asked me politely how i was and asked me about the disabilities I have.

It did'nt take long for me to decide that Jessica was not my type and I moved on, beginning to wonder whether it was a good idea signing up to this disabled dating website. Later I recieved a ton of emails from Jessica, i guess Jessica does not like to be ignored; and with that crazy pink hair; I must admit i was a little scared also. I decided to bid online disabled dating an undecidedly fond farewell for that day and left

However the following day i thought not to give up just because the first disabled single i made contact with at the disability dating site was not my ideal match. Despite my feelings of dating for the disabled at this moment in time, i plucked up the courage to visit Disabled Love again and was quite pleasantly suprised to find a message from a disabled woman called Helen. She was 34, 2 years younger than me... But WOW she really was my type. Now i was starting to think this could be a good thing signing up to Disabled Love.

I sent her a nice reply thanking her for the message she sent me; and we began to message each other frequently after that. I am happy to say two years on me and Helen are still together and planning to marry next year.

Being a disabled individual definetely does impact your social life and it is difficult to find disabled friends; and disabled love especially. We do not have the same opportunities that able singles have. Disabled dating sites really help singles with disabilities meet other similar singles. For me finding love on the internet using was ideal. I would definitely recommend looking into online dating for the disabled. Although you should be careful of the dangers of talking to someone you don't know on the internet. I would also be careful of crazy pink haired girls from London!

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