Monday, March 9, 2009

Asian Dating Sites - as Diverse as Asia Itself

Asian dating as in industry is fragmenting. Its becoming more and more specialised. It makes sense really. Asia is so diverse that in many cases, the only thing Asian countries have in common is being Asian. Everything else is vastly different.

When you join a dating site, you do so to get in touch with people you want to meet. The main point about Asian dating sites is that they use Asian culture as the starting point to define the type of people you want to meet. This is a great strategy if you are Asian and/or love Asian culture. If you want this culture to be part of your life its important you surround yourself with other people of a similar mind.

The relationships (in all forms of the term) you form in your life define the people who share you way of life. Your culture can define who the people in your life are. The people in your life can define what cultural rules you live your life by.

If you are being culturally specific when you are dating, it follows that this is because that culture's way of life appeals to you to the extent that you want to live that way (or are currently living that way). To be culturally specific though, you need to be culturally specific. "Asian" is a label which explains many different and diverse cultures. Its just not specific enough.

For example, a person from India is Asian, but lives in a very different culture than someone from Japan. If you go to an Asian dating site, you will meet both and need to filter through people contacting you from both cultures (not to mention all the other Asian cultures also) So if you are looking for a specific culture, go and join a dating site specific to that culture.

Due to this, at Dating Down Under, we built an Asian section on the website. We have a main page which then breaks down into all the different cultures of Aisa. Its a great place to start looking if you are going down the Asian dating line. You have both the broader sites which attract all people from throughout Asia as well as the more culturally specific sites.

In following this process, we believe we can best help you find the partner you are looking for, as quickly and efficiently as possible

Hopefully that will help with your internet dating experience. Remember, for greater success, keep it simple, specific and safe.

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