Saturday, January 10, 2009

Building Trust in a Relationship -- What does it mean?

Building trust in a relationship, what does it mean? There are many types of human relationship like relationship between husband and wife, relationship between parents and child, relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend, relationship between friends and many more. Let’s explore more on what does it mean by building trust in a relationship.

Human beings are fundamentally social creatures. They need to have physical and physiological interactions. These interactions are what we called relationships. There are different classifications of relationships. You have the casual relationship, intimate relationship, business relationship and other classification of relationship.

When we talked about building trust in a relationship, we are generally talking about intimate relationship where the relationship is a particularly close interpersonal relationship in which the participants know and trust each other very well or are confidance of one another or a relationship where there is physical or emotional intimacy. This is where in intimate relationship – building trust in a relationship is very important for the relationship to grow and blossom.

The keyword in building trust is the word dependable. You must develop this attribute in order to build the trust in your relationship. You must be dependable for the other person in the relationship to put his or her trust in you in the particular relationship. Can I trust you to be faithful to me -- meaning can I depend on you? Can I trust you to be there for me -- meaning can I depend on you? Can I trust you to protect me -- meaning can I depend on you? Can I trust you to be honest with me -- meaning can I depend on you?

Building trust is not by words or intentions. Building trust is by your deeds or actions. These deeds or actions have to be repeated. These deeds or actions have to be consistent. You cannot buy trust. You have to earn the trust. There is no a shortcut but just constant efforts to earn the trust.

If you value your relationship, then you have to work on building the trust in your relationship. It is the basic foundation for your relationship to grow and blossom. Without a foundation, your relationship will not be strong enough to withstand the challenges in life.

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