Saturday, March 7, 2009

Building Trust: Relationships

Building trust in relationships does not have be difficult. It will help you and your partner to connect and feel more comfortable with one another if you trust each other. The following tips can help you in building trust in your relationship.

  • Being predictable

You will find that if you are always predictable that your partner will be more able to trust you. It is great to include a few fun surprises in any relationship but to truly flourish and have a healthy, happy relationship it is more important to be reliable day in and day out.

  • Your actions should always match your words

If you are talking to your partner and trying to tell them you are upset about something but you have a big grin on your face it will be hard for your partner to trust what you are saying is true. Trust is built by being consistant and honest. When your words match your face you will be building trust in relationship.

  • Don't keep secrets

When you keep a secret from your partner you will quickly see any trust in your relationship destroyed. Keeping a secret is time consuming and tiring. Try to always be open and honest with your partner and remember any secret you keep will enentually make its way out in to the open anyways.

  • Tell your partner what you need

No one can read your mind, including your partner. If you have something on your mind or you feel you need something from them, let them know, don't leave your partner trying to guess what they can do for you.

  • It is good to say "no"

When your partner voices their needs you don't need to say yes to everything. Your partner can never respect you if you don't ever say no. Refusing to be subjugated to the other person's will actually builds trust in a relationship.

  • Always grow.

To keep your relationship healthy and loving you need to continue growing together. It can sometimes be painful when you are trying to grow and love but through that pain you are preparing yourself for the future, Don't fear turmoil, crisi or questions, these will become the fertilizer for growth and change in your relationship. Embrace the difficult times and begin building trust in relationships.

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