Saturday, March 7, 2009

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You - 3 Hidden Body Language Flirting Secrets That Every Man Must Know

How many times have you encountered a really attractive woman but were to afraid to take the next step because you didn't know if the attraction was mutual? This has happened to every man who was unaware of a girl's secret body language flirting cues. I'm going to reveal three secrets so you know right away if a girl likes you or not.

A little known fact is that most human communication is done non-vebally, 80% of what's 'said' is expressed through body language. So paying careful attention to what her body says could get you the girl.

Eye contact as flirting cues

If she holds your gaze longer than normal during conversation is a definite indicator of interest. If she breaks eye contact sooner it may be because she's shy or nervous to be sure see what other gestures she uses after she looks away. The 'hair flick', adjusting her jewelry or clothes, unconscious biting of the lower lip while looking down and away is a dead give away that she likes you.

Smiles and laughter

If she laughs at your worse jokes, it may not be because your getting better at humour it is a definite sign that she finds you attractive. A sense of humor is near the top of a woman's priority list of what they look for in a man. So laughs smiles and giggles go a long way proving that she's into you and is all a part of the flirting game.

Body Language and Attraction

Most men are totally oblivious to a woman's body language of attraction. Uncrossed arms showing the exposed palms and wrists indicates she's attracted to you and has nothing to hide. Her feet unconsciously point where her mind wants to go, so the knee point- her crossed leg pointing in your direction is yet another sign the girl feels at ease with you. Lastly If she looks for any opportunity to initiate a light touch of your arm accidental or otherwise it is an obvious sign the girl likes you.

Now Listen, with that said...

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