Sunday, May 10, 2009

How To Release Stress For ALL Adults

The therapists are D.R. Lee and Adssociates are trained therpists in the Art of Tantra and Sensual Intimacy Arts. The therapists provide a safe and clean environment for men and women alike to express their more sensual side- with a partner or without. The appointments are discreet as it is the 'best kept secret in Houston' amongst business persons and local celebrities. D.R. Lee has personally trained his staff and is a renowned Guru in Tantric meditation. D.R. Lee states that "most Americans are not ver connected to their sensual side" and that " Amreicans have made Sex Dirty" when it is the most natural process and one of man kind's basic needs. Touch is so important to the human physiological health." Call 1.877.917.6777 for an appointment with a therapist at D.R.

Call now and get an appointment imeediately for realxing all your tension and being ONE with your body and its needs.

DR Lee and Associates is located in Houston,. Texas and takes appointments for men and woem via website or by phone. Please note this is a very discreet and relaxing environment and DR Lee's gears towards providing the ultimate in privacy and healing to its patrons.

Many of us forget our basic needs nthat include food, shelter, and sex. However, when men and women's needs are met completely, that is when person is most whole and well. Well, I say, try the place and write what you think! You will re-train your mind and body to think differently as Eastern meets western thought.

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