Friday, April 10, 2009

How to Win Love Back?

What can you do to win love back and have your ex fall in love with you again? This can be a challenge. The re must be reasons for you r ex that made them to call the relationship off. If you can know for sure what these reasons are, yes, you can do it and win love back. If you need to win love back and your ex does not trust you anymore, you will have to do things very slowly.

If you screwed and cheated on your ex for a while, you have to act slowly to prove your loyalty again. First, you have to examine your feelings, whether you want to get your ex back or you just long to the thing you have missed and get used to. What guarantees could you make not to go astray again? Is there a possibility that you have cheated on your ex because you was not satisfied with them? If this looks like you, are you now sure that you want the win love back?

If you have examined your true feelings and found that the answer is yes, I want to win love back then an apology must be presented. It is not the whole way but this is just a necessary first step. Then, you must give you ex space and time to heal. Don’t be too pushy and pressure to an end. Meanwhile, you have to keep the atmosphere quiet and do not play tricks or head games. You must not go and date other prospects also. Keep things calm.

Make friends with your ex. Remember what draw her attention to you at the first place and repeat it. If she still hold your love in her heart, being a good friend can be helpful to ease the tension brought about by infidelity. Actually infidelity is not the only reason behind a break up. For instance, you might have lost the flame in your relationship and you want to try something new. In this case, if your will is to win love back, you have to create and innovate new things. Remember your first days with your ex, I do not think you were a “love guru” at that time, but you made your best, planned for the dates, dressed well, wore perfume and brought little gifts to him or her. As the time goes by, you are being more and more lazy.

Try spicing things up and returning to those old sweet days. If you casually met her or him again “just as friends” get out good things out of your magical hat. Meet at a wine bar instead of a pool hall. Go out for Sushi instead of the regular pizzas. Go to Music Theater that plays a music type your ex likes. Don’t just spend your time in the house watching basketball or American Idol. If your ex is bored, win love back by leading another exciting lifestyle. Take a new course or adopt a new hobby, go to different places. Start playing beach volleyball or ice skating. Show your ex that you are source of pleasure to people around you. The final reason that I’m going to discuss here about why a break up happens is that you were interfering into your ex’s life and you did not give them space they needed. They may still like you but they didn’t get extra time for themselves. If this looks like you, you have to give your ex time and space they need. The worst thing to do is to flood them with text messages or calling in early morning hours to say to them you miss them a lot and you want to get back at them. You win love back by playing cool and good planning. You have to be casual and do not look desperate.

There are, of course, other reasons behind a break up or a divorce. When you know for sure the exact reason behind the break up, you can use the space and time you got after that to win love back by changing your life to the best. To win love back you have to change your old habits. But you have to have the hope to win love back. And then you can get back to your ex.

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