Friday, April 10, 2009

Free Online Dating Canada offer a Whole New Dating Experience

Thanks to a free online dating Canada site, I finally found my kinda dates. Being brought up in a small suburb near California, I was always unsatisfied with my dating life. It was manageable when I was in my 20s as we tend to experiment a lot then. The weekend hangouts at night clubs were primarily to prey on any pretty, hot girl. Today when I remember how I and my friends would vie with one another to get the best girl in the clubs, I can’t stop laughing. Starting from dress to hair style; back then each of us would try to look our best. No matter how rugged we look on other days, but on Saturday, it has to be special! Guess it was the fever of age then.

It was fun in the beginning. But soon we all started getting bored. How many times will you enjoy going to same night clubs and pubs? After a while I felt there were no more girls left in the suburban areas who frequent to the bars. Then my friend Jim suggested the idea of fever parties. It seemed pretty interesting to all of us. But from our first trip to a fever party, we learnt a big lesson. Well Jim arranged a group of girls to accompany us to the fever parties. They were all hot babes having great bodies and blonde hairs. So we all expected to have a blast of time with them at the fever party.

But to our horror, we discovered on the first night itself that they were hookers. Not only hookers, they can be called hooligans too as they emptied us of all our cash and credit cards. Can you believe, we were not even left with any money to come back home! I don’t know how my friends felt, but I swear that day never ever to go to any more fever party in my whole life.

As they say the nick of time, I came across this free online dating Canada site just like that. It’s not that prior to that I had no idea about online dating thing. I have even tried a couple of free dating sites, but nothing could hold my interest the way this Canadian free online dating site did. The profiles were so gorgeous that I just browsed through them for a good few hours. It’s been more than a month since I am single. And moreover as the site is free, it won’t cost me a penny to try my luck here. Hence, without much delay, I registered with the prominent Canadian dating site.

I had no idea it was so much fun at the free online dating Canada site. There is message sending option, text chat, voice chat, group chat and many more. Now I am a regular to the dating site. I enjoy chatting immensely with the hot babes there. They are not only gorgeous, some of them do posses great sense of humor which I like most in women. Finally, I feel like enjoying my dating and its all coz of free online dating Canada.

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