Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweet things to say to your boyfriend

Thinking of sweet things to say to your boyfriend is often hard, especially if you are not used to saying sweet things or perhaps a little shy or embarrassed.

Your man may also feel likewise so there are some considerations you might want to be mindful of before diving in had first!

Among all the sweet things to say to your guy those famous three little words usually say it all but I know that you want to make it intimate and personalise it so let's talk about compliments...


I love you sure is a sweet thing to say to your man but why do you love him? What is it about him that you love? What has he done for you that no-one else can or why do you love to spend all of your time with him?

Someone once sat me down and explained that a compliment only meant something if it involved taking a risk. Thinking on that,what they were trying to say is that it must mean something and you must expose yourself a little for it to mean anything.

An example, we talked about the phrase “I love you”, it might be a nice thing to say but would he appreciate that or something that you took a little risk over and showed your feelings more?

For instance (if it happened to be true) “I thought that I should tell you how much I adore the way you have made me be a more self assured person and respect my own self a little more. That's why I love you.”

Understand how one is a nice thing to say to your man but the other is not only sweet, it is sincere and you exposed yourself. Which one do you think he will appreciate more?

So, now we have covered compliments, let's look at the right way to do it...

Pick Your Time

The male of the species are funny creatures girls and it is really prudent to pick your time wisely. Some might think is amusing to say something loving to your guy at a time he is speaking on the telephone to his boss or he is with his buddies but that sweet thing you said to your boyfriend will end up embarrassing him and could possibly even cause an row.

Besides, it's preferable to lean over when you are alone and simply whisper it into his ear... Don't you think?

How to do it?

If you are having trouble thinking of sweet things to say to your boyfriend then here is a way to quickly think of a couple and go from there...

Write down 3 things he has done for you. Things that were nice, sweet, helpful, kind, loving... anything like that. Make sure you start it with “you” and not “he.”

Okay, now you have done that write down how they made you feel inside, how much you loved it and what it means to you.

That's it, all you've got to do is arrange them. Let's look at an example:


1.You waited with me in the pouring torrential rain when we first met, stood for my bus 2.You made a meal for my parents and siblings the first time you met them 3.You always open the door for me, carry my bags and put me first

It makes me...

Feel wonderful Feel adored Go all tingly inside Look forward to seeing you Over the moon I met you

I appreciate it...

More than anything So much More than you'll ever know

Put them together...

“I loved the way you waited for 2 hours with me in the torrential rain when we first met, waiting for my bus, it made me feel so special and I am so happy I met you, I care for you you more than you'll ever know.”

So, mix it up and see if it feels good, if it does, you'll know...

Get started and make today the day you say some kind things to your man!

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